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Meet your Health Expert 1.0

Venue: Parish Hall, African Catholic Community, St. Gertrud, Rottstraße 36, 45127 Essen

14:30: Come Together
15:00H - 20:00H

A Community Health Sensitization and Awareness Workshop

(With Health Care Experts and Specialist Physicians in Family Health, Paediatrics and Child Health, Sexual Health, Infectiology, Cancer/Oncology, Gynaecology, Men’s Health, Travelling and Environmental Medicine, Nutrition, Cardiology, Mental Health)

With Special Focus on

  • Preventive Care: Health check-ups, screening tests, recommendations and coverage by insurance
  • Lifestyle and health risks
  • What to eat - The Nutritional Challenge and Controversies in the Modern Society
  • Drug abuse
  • Special Health Risks and Recommended Checks in People of African Origin
  • Genital Circumcision

Free Testing of medical Conditions (Blood pressure, Blood Sugar, ECG, Ergometer etc) as well as Demonstrations of Modern Medical Interventions Examinations like Coloscopy, Laparoscopic Surgery

Within the Venue, there shall be a special closed discretion area for a personal conversation with your health expert. Feel free to come.

In Partnership with:

  • The African Catholic Community Essen
  • The Nigerian Doctors Association in Germany